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i specialize in the creation and manifestation

of spiritual relics and tools

  • All orders start with a 15-30 minute consultation 

  • All orders come with a certificate of authenticity 

  • All art pieces are one of a kind creations (there is no duplicating of any kind)

How it works 


First there will be a consultation for all custom orders. Consultations take approximately 15-30 minutes depending on art work being commissioned. Consultations can absolutely go longer if further consulting on art work is needed. All aspects of the commissioned piece and cost will be agreed on during the consultation. 

Creating the Work:

Depending on the commissioned art/spiritual relic, it can take approximately 2-8 weeks to create the art piece/tool. During this time you will receive photos to keep you informed of the progress of your item. 

Payment types excepted:

Credit, Debit Cards and PayPal 


WE ship only in the United States. All shipping is done via the US Postal service and or FedEx. The weight of the item determines if it is shipped via US Postal Service or FedEx to keep shipping cost low. All shipments are insured. Once item is shipped you will receive a tracking number and date of arrival.   

Spirit Boards and Planchettes 

our product
our product
our product

First Step: Pick a Board Shape and Size


Starting Price:

18 inch: $225.00

14 inch: $175.00


Starting Price:

16 inch by 24 inch: $300.00

14 inch by 20 inch: $250.00


Starting Price:

15 inch by 24 inch


All Boards are cut from Birch Wood. Birch Wood is a hard sacred wood that symbolizes new beginnings and strength, so it is a perfect foundation for the creation and manifestation of your Spirit Board. 

Second Step: Lets talk about it!

During your consoltation I will work with you to design your Spirit Board and Planchette in the color and theme of your choosing plus to serve the purpose you want it for. Planchettes are carved or molded from earth clay, polymer clay and or resin. The material used depends on the design of the planchette and or spirit board. Some spirit boards and planchettes can include gems and crystals depending on the design. Depending on the size and detail of your spirit board, it can take 3-8 weeks to complete.  

Few mystical tools surpass the Spirit board in terms of infamy and or effectiveness. The spirit board is a very powerful divination tool but it should not be feared but embraced and remember INTENT IS EVERYTHING!!!


To place an order or for any questions, please reach out to mariposa at the email below

Contact Information

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